BFA of New York combines the power to facilitate multi-million-dollar transactions with the personal touch to offer fast competive quotes for “mom and pop” stores. We focus on Property, Personal, Commercial, Auto, Casualty, Construction and many other types of industries. Highly nimble in the way we do business and with access to many markets, we can service any size account, large or small, and create customized solutions as needed

We also fully understand our client’s unique challenges, thanks to the exceptional talent we’ve gathered on our team. On average, our skilled brokers and underwriters offer more than 15 years of experience. Their expertise combined with ready access to varied markets lets our people perform with true virtuosity in devising ingenious solutions. We believe strongly in working as a team, our professionals will reach across boundaries as needed to find the absolute best solutions for you.

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Commercial Insurance can be written as mono-line or as a package to provide coverage against losses arising from many different causes.

Commercial Insurance policies are designed primarily for businesses operating in areas such as warehousing, manufacturing, engineering and wholesale but are equally suitable for some high risk and specialist trades


Package Insurance is a complete business insurance solution delivering one policy to provide coverage for business owners. This is a comprehensive product designed for your main street accounts; Apartment buildings, Bakeries, Beauty Parlors, Convenience stores, Delis, Offices, take-out restaurants, and Stores from Antique to Video.


Insurance for homes and Insured Occupied one, two, three, and four family dwellings. Coverage offered for condominium unit owners, mobile home owners and tenants of multiple unit buildings. Coverage also available for full coverage auto or liability only.


We’ve built a superlative team of seasoned professionals on our property team who share many years of experience between them. Using the expertise and knowledge of our entire network and responding quickly to our customers, we continually provide customized, forward-thinking solutions in the following areas:

  • Building coverage;
  • Fire insurance;
  • Business income;
  • Personal property;
  • Builders risk

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